Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Christmas from me!

God Jul og Godt Nytt år! Amiga will survive in 2009 too :) Think of it! The machine started its life in 1985. And now almost 25 since Amiga 1000 came out, the world got AmigaOS 4, MorphOS and AROS to play with.

I really wish everyone a happy time... and I hope that more people will use Amiga as it is the best community. People should join it to see how nice it really is.

I send special thanks to:
+++ all those ive forgot !!! Which I ow a big thanks so that Amitopia TV can continue to give people Amiga content in living pictures.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Special MorphOS 2.2 promo on YouTube

Just in time for Christmas time, MorphOS Team made MorphOS 2.2 public! So, because of this. I didnt reach to put it in latest Amitopia TV release.

I then decided to create something for YouTube that might help MorphOS thru the Christmas hollidays :)

Watch it here:

With these words. I wish everyone a happy christmas time! Either people, black or white. I hope to see more peacefull times ahead. I really hope for that. That mankind can survive and be nicer to each other. Either its muslims, christians, catholics or whatever. World have to see some light in the end of the tunnel sometime. I really hope for a better future for everyone.

Now its decided that I am going to Poland 27th of December, so there will be no more Amitopia TV productions in 2008. But that wont have an effect on 2009!

I wish all Amigans a happy New Year! Make the best come to you and your families, love ones etc.. Think of the future,... You are infact part of it...

Michal Bergseth
editor of Amitopia TV since March 2008...

Friday, December 19, 2008

Amitopia TV December (Week 51) out now

- Amitopia TV News
- mplayer review
- Xmas Xtra
- Introduction of Amiga 1000
- TvPaint Guide

Thanks to those who sent in contributions! Without you, I don't know how Amitopia TV would have been.

I am sorry for not having NetSurf news in this update. It came some minutes to late. Ill have the news, so I will add it into next release.

Have a great Christmas holiday from me. I wish you all the best and I hope to release a show before New Year, but I don't know really now.

Amiga lives on! 1985 - 2008 !

Vimeo: Click here

At Vimeo website! It's free to register!

You can also reach me (Amix) on EFNET #amigano, Freenode #morphos or AmigaWorld.Net #amigaworld for DCC sending.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Amitopia TV December (Week 49) is out

For those of you who have slept. I have released another Amitopia TV production. This time Amitopia TV News got a slightly better design and I've included 2 Amiga demos as a Xtra Xmas gift to you all who loves great Amiga made music.

From now on I'll try to release Amitopia TV productions every week. The releases will contain the Week number of the year from now on.

You can watch it on Google Video or on Vimeo. Actually on Vimeo you can download the .avi file. Heh... I didnt know... But you know?... You learn as long as you live...

-Download Zone-
Google Video:
Watch it here!
Watch it here!
Get the .avi version here!

17.00: Amitopia TV News
17.05: Xtra
17.10: Xmas Xtra

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Amitopia TV News weekly promo

Amitopia TV News will be your Amiga News source in living pictures. Now watch the first release on YouTube. Next will come next week.

Want to contribute? Send e-mail now!:

Credits goes to Michael Englyst for letting Amitopia TV use his wonderfull boingball rendred image.

Amitopia TV News now weekly on YouTube! Week 47 is now on-line!

From now on you will be able to see Amitopia TV productions every week (almost) on YouTube. These releases are focused on our program called Amitopia TV News which is our News program. The full length shows will only focus on main stories from now on etc.

With this Amitopia TV moves the main news production to YouTube, while the full length shows of Amitopia TV will be a better entertainment ride.

Watch Week 47 of Amitopia TV News here!:

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Amitopia TV for November is out

Amitopia TV News
Amiga Meeting 2008
Amiga Demos
Xtras... and more!

Google Video: Watch it here!
Vimeo: Watch it here!
Download: Its 333MB! I'll send it to you. Just send mail to: (PPC is needed)
Note: If you have a server for Amitopia TV files? Give me a note on that. Files are between 200MB and 400MB in size.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Next Amitopia TV in %

Progress for next release:

Amitopia TV News: 12%
AmiWest Jens speech: 0%
Amiga Meeting 2008: 95%
Colmar: 10%
Amiga Demo: 30%
Amiga Events: 2%

Next show will be available on:
Monday 10th of November!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

How to watch Amitopia TV?

Reminder of how you can watch this show!

Main shows: (20 to 50 min long)
Google Video

Specials: (max 10min)

Whats the difference?
Main shows is like a tv channel with programs, adverts and more! Specials gives you special programs related to one item.

Anyone can promote for free without any cost for their Amiga company, Amiga User Group or Amiga event. They should not be any longer than 40 seconds long due to time. Other than that, make them or send raw materials and Amitopia TV Team edits it for you.

Go on!
mail us today!: amitopia@gmail com

So, Be creative! Support Amiga! Support Amitopia TV!


Amitopia TV campaign

From October 30.10.2008 to November 08.11.2008 you will see the Amitopia TV logo on the left which will be used for the promotion.

Here is the promo text:
"Amitopia TV is a non-commercial service for everyone wanting to get info about whats happening in the world of Amiga. Be a part of it all by sending us materials that Amitopia TV can use.

You can send us adverts for Amiga User Groups, Amiga events or Amiga company for free without any costs! You can contribute with selfmade Amiga videos or materials that we can edit for you. The choice is yours!

So, Be creative! Support Amiga! Support Amitopia TV!


Thanks for reading!

Michal Bergseth,
editor of Amitopia TV"

Next deadline for contributions is 8th of November 2008!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Amitopia TV Special - Amiga Magazines: Datormagazin 1993

Important message to all Amitopia TV viewers!...

This is how distribution of Amitopia TV works:

- Amitopia TV releases
Google Video, Vimeo and as Download version in .avi format
Shows is between 40 and 50 minutes long. Because of that, I wont
cut them into parts because of YouTube's 10 min limit. If people
wants it in parts on YouTube. Send Amitopia TV an e-m@il:

- Amitopia TV specials
Shows is between 4 and 8 minutes long. They have rather one special
thing than many different programs. If you want .avi file of this, send
Amitopia TV an e-m@il.

- Amitopia TV promos
Shows which promotes our full releases.

Also a note to all of you people out there with plenty of web space which wants to share
some .avi files and help supporting this project. Send us an e-m@il for that to.


Support Amitopia TV if you want to

If you feel that Amitopia TV is a bit to bad produced, we would love to give you all better picture quality. Now, some of you viewers suggested to me that I should put a PayPal button as you want better video quality.

If you think that Amitopia TV is something great and you want to support it. I will be really happy and much more motivated for this project.

The money will be used for buying new equipments for Amitopia TV, like a new video camera and rest will be used for a great Amiga event here in Oslo area next year. As I tend to use what I have, I dont think that buying Final Cut Pro will gain anything. So the editing tools I use will be the same.

For each release of Amitopia TV, I've learned something new in Blender. I hope to bring you a better Amitopia TV production for each releases. With donations and support from viewers. Amitopia TV can become a nice channel where all Amiga happenings are shown in living pictures.

So, Amiga people! I hope your not to dissapointed with Amitopia TV. I am really listening to every advice that I get from you by e-mail, on irc and when I meet people talking about this project. Everyone cant be happy with every result, but I hope that most of you viewers will continue to watch the shows. Thats the most important thing to me, Really!

Take Care,

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Amitopia TV for September is out!

Amitopia TV is out atlast for September! The download version is missing. I wont be able to upload it before 22.09.2008 at earliest. I am sorry, but I go on vacation to France and Germany for some days :)

Amitopia TV News -premiere
Sadddam strikes back! -music documentary
AmigaSYS 4 on AGA -focus on install etc+++
AmigaDemo by Loonies from 2005!

Please send all contributions to our mail!.

Take Care,

Monday, August 11, 2008

In our next show 1st Of September

First I have to say thanks again for every kind words to me. Makes me wanting to continue doing Amitopia TV.

Second. Amitopia TV will never be perfect. I will try to experiment with new idents for each release. But I will try to keep some sort of design that people knows this is Amitopia TV their watching. Begining with that statement, I have now created the official logo for Amitopia TV. It will be used from 1st Of September. The lines is ment to show that Amitopia TV focuses on everything from news to underground Amiga parties. Yes, I want you to participate! Create clips, be creative or just give us ideas on what we should do.

Well, plans for next release:

- Amiga News (Full news bulletin in 4-5 mins)
- Saddam strikes back (not war, not the virus... but in form of Amiga made music)
- NatAmi Update (we hope to give you NatAmi in living pictures...)
- PPC Amiga demo
- Amiga News Headlines
- Events

Please contribute! Send us whatever you can. Were flexible with the deadline, though you should
send your stuff by 25th Of August.


Ohh, and today ;) Its my birthday. I wish world was without religions, that people started to care more about each other, that love got stronger between all kind of cultures, that we all respected each other and that world should go on and communicate better with each other. Sheesh.. that was a long sentence,... SO ... i hop3 that this world have taken a virus scan before I become 30 next year,,,.... wellwell... ohh.. and .. Amiga have taken over the world by next August,... :)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Amitopia TV 1st (4th) of August can be downloaded!

If you are the one asking why I mix between 1st and 4th of August. It has its explenation really. I had all ready really for 1st of August release, but a thunderstorm wiped my ADSL modem out of order on Wednesday. It was one of the greatest thunderstorms Ive ever seen. Lightening down and sideways etc. A really great show performanced by the world itself. Amazing :)

Well, it stroke down on some transformators by the street here where I live in Oslo. None of my computers or my tv, ps3, Amiga 1200 etc got burned down. Lucky me.. phew!.. But the ADSL modem just striked out. So I needed to get a new one. It came with express mail on Friday by the Internet provider itself without any cost for me. So thats service. NextGenTel is great at that really.

So, as everything Ive written for programlisting etc was saying 1st Of August. I kept it, but couldnt release it at the state it was on Friday, so I worked myself thru the weekend and released it on Monday 4th Of August.

Well, the server where .avi files is on, didn't work. So I released it first on Google Video, then on Vimeo. And now the server works again. Please report to me if its out of order again, hehe. Well, now MorphOS/AmigaOS4 users can watch the show again. Though MorphOS users got Tubexx. The .avi version got better picture and sound quality. Well a bit better :=)

So, here it is (or on the right side on this page):
Download it here

Thanks again for helping out Amitopia TV and all of the positive and constructive critics. I hope to make it all better from release to release.


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Vimeo video stream of Amitopia TV

World is great. You have choices. You have choices to buy clothes, burgers and computers. You have the choice to choose which burgermenu you want.

Well,... Amitopia TV can be found in Vimeo from now on.

So now, you have the choice:
Google Video

I am still searching for someone with a server that can handle about 250mb each month. More info will come when Ive found one.

If you want .avi file from me, visit me on My nick there is amix or amixppc. Then I can upload it to you thru DCC. I dont have the best speed up, but but... I really try hard to find a place willing to take Amitopia TV episodes.

Happy watching on Vimeo:
Click here to watch

I've also added a Vimeo video (stream) link box on the right side.

... and btw.. thanks for all comments! This really makes me want to continue with Amitopia TV. Amiga community needed such service and I tend to make it better and better. Please come with comments to: -Then Amitopia TV will be better and better.

Have a great day!


Monday, August 4, 2008

New Amitopia TV is out

Yes, I know its been some time since last release. But I have to blame the summer
and its thunderstorms. This release is actually 3 days delayed because of a thunderstorm
stroke down which blew off my ADSL modem.

Contents this time!:

- Amiga News Headlines
- Amiga at the movies
- Frame 18, Atmosphere Amiga Demo
- MorphOS 2 review
- Shuffle review

If you feel that this show is to much MorphOS focused, its because of MorphOS 2 release. We really want to cover whole Amiga community. So if you are a AmigaOS 4 or AROS user? Then please send us video clips, reviews or images-text. We can either edit a video review for you for free or you can do it yourself.

Send it all to:

Amitopia TV 1st Of August release is here:
See it all live here!

Other than this,
Amitopia TV is searching for someone with a server that can take upto 300mb of
ATV episodes each month.

Thanks for supporting Amitopia TV. I realle thank everyone helping out. Thanks again :)


Friday, July 4, 2008

MorphOS 2 is out!

Atlast MorphOS 2 is out! For months I've been waiting for this moment and what a relief this is. Atlast, the beast have come out of its closet in different parts of the world.

MorphOS 2 brings you the end-user a totally refurbished and porn-like os .. if those feelings can be described.. krmt... Well, this version of MorphOS takes the AmigaOS family enviroment to a whole new dimension or stage.

From the moment you put your burned ISO into your CD or DVD drive, when MorphOS screen opens and iWizard guides you thru instalation. Then you realize that someone have been working to give you the end user an impression of quality. Which is what I must say what it is.

I think that everything that I've been missing from MorphOS 1.4.5 is in MorphOS 2. Only thing I dont like is the license key thing which binds you to the hardware. This license is destroying the litle extra part that would move MorphOS into right direction. The times now is made for FREE and Open alternatives. Ok that MorphOS costs 111.11,- euro (and later 150,- euro), but the price should include a free licence key which isnt tied to one copy. MorphOS should be something in-between the big OS'es and the Open Sourced/Free ones. The user should be able to feel welcomed, because of all the time that end-users have been waiting for this update.

I am so damn sure that MorphOS 2 would sell even better with a free licenced key! People would be happy about it and support it way more as I think that most of MorphOS users understands that to get more updates, those who code needs to get the funds for their work. This isn't Linux or Windows platform. This is still a underground platform that needs all the help it needs. To lift it from the underground/hobbysist arena, then it makes no sense to make it harder for the community to promote and show it further to friends and media. If MorphOS was much bigger, I would understand Laire to tie the key to the users hardware. But now, that shouldnt have been done.

So, my conclusion to all this text. Free the key from hardware. MorphOS 2 looks and shows quality, but it will never reach the people outside of its community if they key continues to be tied to its hardware. Also another thing. If and when macmini (and other compatible ppc macs) version of MorphOS 2 comes out. That will help also. But to get people to pay 150,- euros after 15th of April I think that the key license needs to be changed. Well, anyway. MorphOS 2 is great, just this license thing makes it harder to reach out for such small OS as MorphOS is today.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Google Video version out atlast

The Google Video version of the show is now out.

- Amiga News Headlines
- Jay Miner video
- TBL Starstruck demo
- Extra bits
- Xtreme Racing Review
- Promo for Amiga Meeting 2008

Amitopia TV aims to give all people moving pictures of Amiga. From retro to today. Contribute today !... Its free...

Let's make a happy Amigaworld together! Watch and support Amiga community.


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Amitopia TV 25th Of June is out

Hey. I just want to tell you that next Amitopia TV show is now available for download. You can download it on right side.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Amitopia TV Special release on YouTube

As the summer goes on. With upto 30C last weekend. I hoped for a long summer. But the heatwave blew away last Monday. So now temps have been low as 9C ...

Well... Because of the temp changes. I decided to release a special release for YouTube. The next full release will come in 2 weeks time.

Until then, I will possibly blogg some more. But anyway. If you have any contributions to that show, then please send them by 29th Of June!

You can either create adverts for your Amiga supportive company or usergroup.

Seconds for videos:
20s-30s for adverts
20s-2m for user-groups etc+++

So just remember to send it to my mail by 29th Of June!

Link to Amitopia TV special on YouTube:
Watch it here

Amitopia -Brings Amiga Pictures To Life
and yes.. were waiting for something to happend.. You who watch it will be the first to know in living pictures.. just wait.. :)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Problems with the DNS server

I am now looking for a better fileserver. Until that happends. Amitopia TV will be releasing more shows onto YouTube.

Sunday, June 1, 2008


I am so sorry, but it seems like .avi file wasn't uploaded as it should to the server. So thanks to Sven who reported the bug.

Now the download should be complete. About 340MB is the correct size of the file.

Specials on YouTube!

After 2 or 3 days, a special version of the full length show will popup on YouTube. This time I've put the MorphOS 2 on Efika part on YouTube.

"My comment on Efika is that it's amazing to see MorphOS performing so well on it. With just 128MB of RAM it performs very well. Even movies runs quite nice. I have a Nokia E90 smartphone, with a 334MHz ARM cpu which got 128MB of RAM.

I can confirm that MorphOS would have been a really great operating system for mobile phones. If AROS came for ARM. I would throw out Symbian and install AROS on it for sure. No questions ask.

Once the world understands the potential of AmigaOS in terms of speed. Then we will have the support. But for that to happend, AmigaOS4, MorphOS or AROS needs to get the masses to support them. MorphOS got highest chances to succeed. Mostly because of Ambient and MUI4 as a part of the OS. MorphOS also have a full working CSS browser called Sputnik. So, if MorphOS wants to help the Amiga scene. It should really come out for Mac PPC.

When I was selling my PowerBook 12" 1.5GHz mac some days ago. It took me 3 hours, and then it was SOLD for 4500,- NOK. With MorphOS for mac, the userbase would explode as lot's of mac ppc users which I've been talking to on net (not just norwegian ones). Say that they would love to install MorphOS on their systems and start coding for it. The fact is that there are hundreds of mac ppc users that are against x86, which would gladly help PPC platform to survive further. If MorphOS Team lets them into MorphOS world, that would be really great. Both for development of the operating system itself and programs for it."


Saturday, May 31, 2008

AmitopiaTV 31st Of May is out + changes


I want to thank everyone which have been contributing, giving me ideas and give me spirit to go on with more shows.

Latest show contains:
- Cannon Fodder music video
- MorphOS 2 on Efika
- Blender tutorial

So, download latest show and support my show!:
Download here

Also a note is that #05 numbers are gone. Instead the shows will just contain date of production. So even if #05 show got #05 in it, just try to ignore it. From next release its gone. I am sorry for mixing this up, but try not to worry. Be happy :)

Remember that Amitopia TV is a non-commercial service. All music is either from remix64 sites or from CD's that I've bought. Amitopia TV provides you with Amiga news, reviews and more.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What a great meeting!

Thanks for everyone who showed up and didnt understand my English. Well. I tried to understand the Germans aswell,
but it wasnt that easy. Although there was some language barriars. I think that PowerDev 2008 went smoothly.

Thanks to Geit for opening his house to me. Was really great. Food, water, shower hehe. Nice cats and more :) Next time
I will bring my Efika with me, which I bought from Axel. Well Axel has to know that he has potential in beeing a great MorphOS
president sometime. Would be nice :) Well. Nice and funny person. And yes, Friday is not far away Alex.

I also have to thank the one from Kiel. I thought there was light-rail lines there, but in the end. When I got home, I found out that
the line is in K

Saturday, May 3, 2008

PowerDev tent

We made this tent, now no ones sleeps in it.. Really great ;)

PowerDev is okay

I almost lost my airplane to this even.. whew.. I must have the gutz in my heart or something. The train stopped at 08.28 outside of the airport, while my plane was going at 08.45 :)

Well, here I am. I am not a power developer, but I've been a Amiga user since 1988. So entering something like this was ok. Ive met one from Amiga usergroup in Kiel which Ive met and must say been very kind.

I will give you some pics later as its to much going on here. But for sure. I think that popularity of Amiga is at an absolute bottom now. There is nothing that can damage the community, only going forward instead. So I really hope that when MorphOS 2.0 gets out. The community can start to grow and if a mac version comes out. The chances will be even better.

Cheers from somewhere in western Germany,

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

PowerDev is next,...

I am writing this because tomorrow I am going with my flight
to Germany. I will go to Bremen with Ryanair, then with tram
to the train station, then with train from Bremen to Osnabruck
and then to Hoestel. I dont know if Ive spelled it right. But anyway,..

PowerDev will be filmed :) You can be sure to be able to see stuff from
PowerDev for sure in next Amitopia TV.

Also other upcoming events on next release of Amitopia TV is Ugress musicvideo
and part 2 of TvPaint Guide + something extras.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

A4000T - Commodore VS Escom

Here you see the differences between Commodore A4000T and Escom version of the same model. Commodore one
seems to me to be slightly better. Both in design and specs. Shame that Commodore got only 200 to 2000 out (the exact
number is unknown as some magazines says 200 while others 2000).

Judge yourself.. Any comments maybe?
Amitopia TV aim is to bring Amiga news and reviews into living pictures.

My goals are:
-to be a non-commercial Amiga channel that provides the world with Amiga news, reviews, reports and extras!...

-to give non-Amiga users a chance to see what these nostalgic users do.

-to entertain and be a channel that will improve by how you comment my shows.

-to inform everyone whats happening in Amigaworld.

and more.

Send your contributions to:

Amitopia TV #04 26th Of April 2008

New release:

- Amiga News
- Review of Sputnik (MorphOS)
- TBL demo
- Memories of..
- Commodore commercials

Watch it now!: Google Video (21min show)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My Amiga sidekick of life

I've been an Amiga user since 1988. From 1994 I really got hooked and I am still an active Amiga user. Yes, I look at MorphOS as something Amiga related :)

I've met Herman brothers, Thomas Dellert, Petro Tysczhenko (never got how its spelled right), Jim Collas etc.

I've been to Amiga shows in England, Sweden and Norway. Been to dataparties in Norway and been on the net chatting since 1993. Yes, I really love Amigans. They are special. Everyone. But Special in a good way.

I just hope that Amiga Inc. comes back and that Genesi pays MorphOS Team members. We need these oses to fullfill the gap between Windows and Linux. I am sure there is room for them... They just need to see the potential.

At Amiga happenings, the feeling is so much different than on PC or MAC shows. You feel the passion in the air, people talking about 50MHz machines and the future. People who dosent need a PC or a Mac to go on with their lives :) That is something special. Well, for me it is!

People hugs on the stage. They shout out AMIGA when Amiga demos runs on Breakpoint and other scenerelated parties. There is no reiligic about it like Steve Jobs and Macs. Its more fanatism. A positive fanatism. Fanatism that believes and tells the world that AMIGA should not be forgotten. Neither the history or its people.

When you talk to an Amiga person. She or he will know the computing history from a very different perspective. Why? Well, I think its because Amiga users are more open-minded to other operating systems. Amiga people have suffered so much, but have the gutz to go on. Jobs and wifes forcing people to use other operating systems like Windows or MacOSX. Amiga users knows and loves AmigaOS/MorphOS so much that they really love what they use and cant understand why Microsoft and Apple have such popularity when their OS'es arent that special as they want people to think.

Amiga is something special that Commodore made popular. Now its us, the users left. And our task is still to revive the Amiga from the bottom to the top.

Mike 2008

Sunday, February 3, 2008

My Nokia E90! My best device ever!

My first ever device was Motorola cd930. Later on, I got myself a Nokia 3310 and later Nokia N-Gage, then Nokia N70 and now Nokia E90.

Nokia E90 must be the best PDA/Smartphone that I've tested. I really, cant live without it. Why? Because of its keyboard. I love it. Also its screen. Its so clear and so bright. 800x352 is fantastic on a mobile-phone!

I can browse the net with it. I also be able to go online with WirelessIRC (irc-client for Symbian that I am a beta tester of), msn-googletalk-aol clients, read pdf files, watch mp4 movies etc

Nokia E90 comes with 128mb ram as standard. But you really need a microsd card to be happy. A 512mb microsd card comes with the device, but if you want to keep lots of pics, mp3s, programs etc, then get a 2gb microsd card which helps a lot. By the end of this year, Ive heard that 32gb microsd cards will arrive. Thats insane, but great for E90 users I guess :)

My 3 favourite programs that supports E90's 800x352 screen:

Great irc program. Supports several servers at the same time. Connects to any irc server. Have tab alike name filling when writing, Nokia E90 name list support and quite cool text are typing box which is transparent!

Great messaging program. Supports msn, aol, yahoo and gtalk! Uses E90 screen at its best!

A Dopus alike program for Symbian phones. It adds full desktop enviroment. Alt+tab function to jump between programs. You can also create your own desktop with your own name and your icon of choice etc.

Amiga 4000T design from Commodore

The Amiga 4000T design is still great even in 2008!

In 1994, Commodore went bankrupt. But before that, they managed to release the most powerful Amiga computer ever made!

Amiga 4000T had this cool tower design. Its still unique in its design. I love it! After 14 years, the A4000T case is still looking amazing. It has this feeling over it. That Amiga should survive! Escom made a version of A4000T, but it was much more ugly. Commodore one is so damn cool!

What if Genesi or Acube could make it and get the Amiga feeling back? That would be so great!

How about Pegasos XL-Tower or Acube Akick4000 :) That would be fun!

Get this case back. Its still nice and modern in 2008. Ohh, yes it is!

Mike 2008

Saturday, February 2, 2008

2008 -: the year when computing will be fun again!

Think of this. Genesi getting better contact with MorphOS-Team. Genesi gets more companies interested in MorphOS. Then its up to the users where this will go.

But will this happend? Will we see a new Pegasos? Will Genesi work closer with the community?

If so.. We can have:
- Efika butterfly by June
- Efika Home Center by August
- Pegasos Multimedia Center by September 2008
- Pegasos High-End by October

With this timescale. I think that people would come to MorphOS and by December 2008, I would think that our little family would have grown double.

People are tired of Windows and MacOS. Especially x-Amiga users. MorphOS would have them in no time if Genesi just pulled some strings. I know its difficult keeping companies alive, especially those with not so good economy. But as bbrv says. Community creates Pegasos, then they know exactly what they have to do.

Pay MorphOS developers, getting contacts arround the globe and showing that MorphOS is here.

I really want to see Genesi being able to do something this year. I really do!

Mike 2008

What is Amiga Inc doing?

I just dont understand. What is Amiga Inc doing? Why is people sitting without doing any protest?

This is one of my reasons for jumping over to the blue side. The blue people demands more, which makes Genesi turn to where the community want it to go.

I am reading a lot. I feel sad, I feel that I should do something! I mean.. If I lived in the states. I would have gone to the local tv-station or media where Amiga is and made a huge case out of it. I would gather people to protest outside or something that would kick them a bit.

Amiga people wants AmigaOS4 to come out, Amiga people want hardware and they want a community. They are a strong community, but a controlled one. I hope that they will do something one day. Learning from the blue side of this continues boingboing drama is a right step. Though, the blue side have their problems aswell.

I just hope that some day. Someone will gather people and tell USA people what this company is doing. Hurting it so badly that they understand it. Yes, I am a bit harsh. I know. But .. gah! Amiga people dosent deserve this treatment. Amiga people have been here waiting since Commodore passed away back in 1994.

Amiga Inc. I am SICKO of waiting! I mean it!

Mike 2008

Genesi should go on

Life is hard. But it is something that have to be alive! Killing is not the way to go on. Enjoy and engagement is the key to survive. To be a part of something, to form friendships etc. That is so important.

Well, I am writing this blogg about what I think etc.. and today its come to Genesi.

Genesi was my frightened enemy back in 1999/2000. Yes. I was an huge fan of AmigaOS4. I waited, waited.. but nothing happened. So here I am in 2008 still waiting for something to happend on that side.

While Amiga had it's problems, MorphOS started up. I didnt thought about it in the start though. Mostly because several OS`es before failed, like Pre-pOS thingy. Also DCE was the case of dissliking MorphOS in the start. But that changed when bbrv finally got Thomas and others at DCE to send back repaired CyberstormPPC cards (which I will be writing about later on!).

Genesi seems to be the only company left, which really cares. I feel that bbrv understands more and more how important our community is. Now he starts to write about Pegasos stuff again. I really hope that he can deliver now! And I think he will do, but at the same time. I feel that bbrv gets to many inputs which would hurt this community so much.

Genesi must continue with PPC and not x86. Why? Well! PPC is smaller. It gives the impression of beeing more important, which it really is. PPC is another format, another country, another competitor that just waits for something like MorphOS to let it grow by itself.
Going x86 wont do anything good! Let AROS be there and invite people to this small but genius community! x86 would destroy MorphOS more than it would be rebuilt.

MorphOS needs a platform that is different, that is Amiga-ish! That shows that competition can be done by a community!

Genesi needs MorphOS - MorphOS needs its community - community needs its hardware! This is a good circle. The community would vanish if Genesi went for x86. The x86 marked is so big that MorphOS would just die in front of AROS etc. So, Genesi! You should really go PPC marked wise. Make MorphOS as special as MacOSX was on PPC. Make it world's best ever home computer platform and let Linux, BSD, Solaris and others fill other ares.

PPC is your future. MorphOS needs you! Genesi! Be there.. You are loved and we will take care of the marketing for you.. You will see that we will make this an example on how a product like MorphOS can keep people tougether!

Mike 2008

Friday, January 25, 2008

Welcome to my blogg

Hello world! I am talking to you. The people that cares about television, japaneese cartoons, amiga, pegasosii, symbian phones etc! This is the place where I will free your mind. Its the place where I am alive and can talk to You the reader with a click on a key.