Thursday, January 22, 2009

Vimeo (stream) is on-line!

Vimeo stream is on-line. Some struggling to get it online, but now it should work:

Happy watching!

Download only works at the moment!

I have some problems with my uploaded video to Vimeo. So if you
want newest Amitopia TV you have to download it for now.

So if you want to watch latest Amitopia TV, then download it.

Take Care,

Second release in 2009 is out!

This time Amitopia TV got lots to watch. Ive introduced a counter also. Some minor adjustments
to the idents have been done also!

Amitopia TV News
MusicBox with 2 artists
Topic - Music on Amiga

Stream: Vimeo
Download and better view for non-CSS browsers:

Enjoy the show!...and feel free to comment!

Monday, January 12, 2009

New Amitopia TV website just for you

After getting some e-mails about Amigans having problems with downloading Amitopia TV shows. So, instead of eating food in January, I've created !

This site is Amiga browser friendly. Not only that! You can download Amitopia TV episodes in .avi format from there! You need a broadband connection as the files is between 200 and 300 megabyte in size.

I hope that this helps!


Feel free to comment the site. I am no expert, but I know basic HTML. Have fun and keep watching Amitopia TV!...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Amitopia TV - 3D games on Amiga (special)

As I promised. Amitopia TV will start to release parts of its full length shows on YouTube.

So, here is a special release which I hope you like. Its about 3D games on Amiga. It aims to show the viewer how 3D games looks like with no comments. Just relax and think of that Amiga got so much potential really. I hope that some watches this and maybe comes back to the Amiga scene. We uses wants you gaming developers back :)

Watch it on YouTube

I will try to release more of these specials during 2009.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Amitopia TV is back! First release in January is out!

I hope that you had a nice holiday. Now it's back to the work and my first
Amitopia TV release is out.

Amitopia TV News
3D games on Amiga
VLC review (MorphOS)
TvPaint guide part 2

Amitopia TV is a non-commercial service for all Amiga fans out there!

Enjoy the show and feel free to comment!

Watch or download (need to register) from Vimeo website:
Watch & Download here

If you have a server that can handle 240mb, then please send me an e-mail to: