Saturday, May 3, 2008

PowerDev is okay

I almost lost my airplane to this even.. whew.. I must have the gutz in my heart or something. The train stopped at 08.28 outside of the airport, while my plane was going at 08.45 :)

Well, here I am. I am not a power developer, but I've been a Amiga user since 1988. So entering something like this was ok. Ive met one from Amiga usergroup in Kiel which Ive met and must say been very kind.

I will give you some pics later as its to much going on here. But for sure. I think that popularity of Amiga is at an absolute bottom now. There is nothing that can damage the community, only going forward instead. So I really hope that when MorphOS 2.0 gets out. The community can start to grow and if a mac version comes out. The chances will be even better.

Cheers from somewhere in western Germany,

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