Friday, July 4, 2008

MorphOS 2 is out!

Atlast MorphOS 2 is out! For months I've been waiting for this moment and what a relief this is. Atlast, the beast have come out of its closet in different parts of the world.

MorphOS 2 brings you the end-user a totally refurbished and porn-like os .. if those feelings can be described.. krmt... Well, this version of MorphOS takes the AmigaOS family enviroment to a whole new dimension or stage.

From the moment you put your burned ISO into your CD or DVD drive, when MorphOS screen opens and iWizard guides you thru instalation. Then you realize that someone have been working to give you the end user an impression of quality. Which is what I must say what it is.

I think that everything that I've been missing from MorphOS 1.4.5 is in MorphOS 2. Only thing I dont like is the license key thing which binds you to the hardware. This license is destroying the litle extra part that would move MorphOS into right direction. The times now is made for FREE and Open alternatives. Ok that MorphOS costs 111.11,- euro (and later 150,- euro), but the price should include a free licence key which isnt tied to one copy. MorphOS should be something in-between the big OS'es and the Open Sourced/Free ones. The user should be able to feel welcomed, because of all the time that end-users have been waiting for this update.

I am so damn sure that MorphOS 2 would sell even better with a free licenced key! People would be happy about it and support it way more as I think that most of MorphOS users understands that to get more updates, those who code needs to get the funds for their work. This isn't Linux or Windows platform. This is still a underground platform that needs all the help it needs. To lift it from the underground/hobbysist arena, then it makes no sense to make it harder for the community to promote and show it further to friends and media. If MorphOS was much bigger, I would understand Laire to tie the key to the users hardware. But now, that shouldnt have been done.

So, my conclusion to all this text. Free the key from hardware. MorphOS 2 looks and shows quality, but it will never reach the people outside of its community if they key continues to be tied to its hardware. Also another thing. If and when macmini (and other compatible ppc macs) version of MorphOS 2 comes out. That will help also. But to get people to pay 150,- euros after 15th of April I think that the key license needs to be changed. Well, anyway. MorphOS 2 is great, just this license thing makes it harder to reach out for such small OS as MorphOS is today.

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