Friday, October 24, 2008

Support Amitopia TV if you want to

If you feel that Amitopia TV is a bit to bad produced, we would love to give you all better picture quality. Now, some of you viewers suggested to me that I should put a PayPal button as you want better video quality.

If you think that Amitopia TV is something great and you want to support it. I will be really happy and much more motivated for this project.

The money will be used for buying new equipments for Amitopia TV, like a new video camera and rest will be used for a great Amiga event here in Oslo area next year. As I tend to use what I have, I dont think that buying Final Cut Pro will gain anything. So the editing tools I use will be the same.

For each release of Amitopia TV, I've learned something new in Blender. I hope to bring you a better Amitopia TV production for each releases. With donations and support from viewers. Amitopia TV can become a nice channel where all Amiga happenings are shown in living pictures.

So, Amiga people! I hope your not to dissapointed with Amitopia TV. I am really listening to every advice that I get from you by e-mail, on irc and when I meet people talking about this project. Everyone cant be happy with every result, but I hope that most of you viewers will continue to watch the shows. Thats the most important thing to me, Really!

Take Care,

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