Saturday, June 14, 2008

Amitopia TV Special release on YouTube

As the summer goes on. With upto 30C last weekend. I hoped for a long summer. But the heatwave blew away last Monday. So now temps have been low as 9C ...

Well... Because of the temp changes. I decided to release a special release for YouTube. The next full release will come in 2 weeks time.

Until then, I will possibly blogg some more. But anyway. If you have any contributions to that show, then please send them by 29th Of June!

You can either create adverts for your Amiga supportive company or usergroup.

Seconds for videos:
20s-30s for adverts
20s-2m for user-groups etc+++

So just remember to send it to my mail by 29th Of June!

Link to Amitopia TV special on YouTube:
Watch it here

Amitopia -Brings Amiga Pictures To Life
and yes.. were waiting for something to happend.. You who watch it will be the first to know in living pictures.. just wait.. :)

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