Sunday, June 1, 2008

Specials on YouTube!

After 2 or 3 days, a special version of the full length show will popup on YouTube. This time I've put the MorphOS 2 on Efika part on YouTube.

"My comment on Efika is that it's amazing to see MorphOS performing so well on it. With just 128MB of RAM it performs very well. Even movies runs quite nice. I have a Nokia E90 smartphone, with a 334MHz ARM cpu which got 128MB of RAM.

I can confirm that MorphOS would have been a really great operating system for mobile phones. If AROS came for ARM. I would throw out Symbian and install AROS on it for sure. No questions ask.

Once the world understands the potential of AmigaOS in terms of speed. Then we will have the support. But for that to happend, AmigaOS4, MorphOS or AROS needs to get the masses to support them. MorphOS got highest chances to succeed. Mostly because of Ambient and MUI4 as a part of the OS. MorphOS also have a full working CSS browser called Sputnik. So, if MorphOS wants to help the Amiga scene. It should really come out for Mac PPC.

When I was selling my PowerBook 12" 1.5GHz mac some days ago. It took me 3 hours, and then it was SOLD for 4500,- NOK. With MorphOS for mac, the userbase would explode as lot's of mac ppc users which I've been talking to on net (not just norwegian ones). Say that they would love to install MorphOS on their systems and start coding for it. The fact is that there are hundreds of mac ppc users that are against x86, which would gladly help PPC platform to survive further. If MorphOS Team lets them into MorphOS world, that would be really great. Both for development of the operating system itself and programs for it."


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