Saturday, February 2, 2008

2008 -: the year when computing will be fun again!

Think of this. Genesi getting better contact with MorphOS-Team. Genesi gets more companies interested in MorphOS. Then its up to the users where this will go.

But will this happend? Will we see a new Pegasos? Will Genesi work closer with the community?

If so.. We can have:
- Efika butterfly by June
- Efika Home Center by August
- Pegasos Multimedia Center by September 2008
- Pegasos High-End by October

With this timescale. I think that people would come to MorphOS and by December 2008, I would think that our little family would have grown double.

People are tired of Windows and MacOS. Especially x-Amiga users. MorphOS would have them in no time if Genesi just pulled some strings. I know its difficult keeping companies alive, especially those with not so good economy. But as bbrv says. Community creates Pegasos, then they know exactly what they have to do.

Pay MorphOS developers, getting contacts arround the globe and showing that MorphOS is here.

I really want to see Genesi being able to do something this year. I really do!

Mike 2008

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