Saturday, February 2, 2008

Genesi should go on

Life is hard. But it is something that have to be alive! Killing is not the way to go on. Enjoy and engagement is the key to survive. To be a part of something, to form friendships etc. That is so important.

Well, I am writing this blogg about what I think etc.. and today its come to Genesi.

Genesi was my frightened enemy back in 1999/2000. Yes. I was an huge fan of AmigaOS4. I waited, waited.. but nothing happened. So here I am in 2008 still waiting for something to happend on that side.

While Amiga had it's problems, MorphOS started up. I didnt thought about it in the start though. Mostly because several OS`es before failed, like Pre-pOS thingy. Also DCE was the case of dissliking MorphOS in the start. But that changed when bbrv finally got Thomas and others at DCE to send back repaired CyberstormPPC cards (which I will be writing about later on!).

Genesi seems to be the only company left, which really cares. I feel that bbrv understands more and more how important our community is. Now he starts to write about Pegasos stuff again. I really hope that he can deliver now! And I think he will do, but at the same time. I feel that bbrv gets to many inputs which would hurt this community so much.

Genesi must continue with PPC and not x86. Why? Well! PPC is smaller. It gives the impression of beeing more important, which it really is. PPC is another format, another country, another competitor that just waits for something like MorphOS to let it grow by itself.
Going x86 wont do anything good! Let AROS be there and invite people to this small but genius community! x86 would destroy MorphOS more than it would be rebuilt.

MorphOS needs a platform that is different, that is Amiga-ish! That shows that competition can be done by a community!

Genesi needs MorphOS - MorphOS needs its community - community needs its hardware! This is a good circle. The community would vanish if Genesi went for x86. The x86 marked is so big that MorphOS would just die in front of AROS etc. So, Genesi! You should really go PPC marked wise. Make MorphOS as special as MacOSX was on PPC. Make it world's best ever home computer platform and let Linux, BSD, Solaris and others fill other ares.

PPC is your future. MorphOS needs you! Genesi! Be there.. You are loved and we will take care of the marketing for you.. You will see that we will make this an example on how a product like MorphOS can keep people tougether!

Mike 2008

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I agree with you!