Sunday, February 3, 2008

My Nokia E90! My best device ever!

My first ever device was Motorola cd930. Later on, I got myself a Nokia 3310 and later Nokia N-Gage, then Nokia N70 and now Nokia E90.

Nokia E90 must be the best PDA/Smartphone that I've tested. I really, cant live without it. Why? Because of its keyboard. I love it. Also its screen. Its so clear and so bright. 800x352 is fantastic on a mobile-phone!

I can browse the net with it. I also be able to go online with WirelessIRC (irc-client for Symbian that I am a beta tester of), msn-googletalk-aol clients, read pdf files, watch mp4 movies etc

Nokia E90 comes with 128mb ram as standard. But you really need a microsd card to be happy. A 512mb microsd card comes with the device, but if you want to keep lots of pics, mp3s, programs etc, then get a 2gb microsd card which helps a lot. By the end of this year, Ive heard that 32gb microsd cards will arrive. Thats insane, but great for E90 users I guess :)

My 3 favourite programs that supports E90's 800x352 screen:

Great irc program. Supports several servers at the same time. Connects to any irc server. Have tab alike name filling when writing, Nokia E90 name list support and quite cool text are typing box which is transparent!

Great messaging program. Supports msn, aol, yahoo and gtalk! Uses E90 screen at its best!

A Dopus alike program for Symbian phones. It adds full desktop enviroment. Alt+tab function to jump between programs. You can also create your own desktop with your own name and your icon of choice etc.

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