Saturday, February 2, 2008

What is Amiga Inc doing?

I just dont understand. What is Amiga Inc doing? Why is people sitting without doing any protest?

This is one of my reasons for jumping over to the blue side. The blue people demands more, which makes Genesi turn to where the community want it to go.

I am reading a lot. I feel sad, I feel that I should do something! I mean.. If I lived in the states. I would have gone to the local tv-station or media where Amiga is and made a huge case out of it. I would gather people to protest outside or something that would kick them a bit.

Amiga people wants AmigaOS4 to come out, Amiga people want hardware and they want a community. They are a strong community, but a controlled one. I hope that they will do something one day. Learning from the blue side of this continues boingboing drama is a right step. Though, the blue side have their problems aswell.

I just hope that some day. Someone will gather people and tell USA people what this company is doing. Hurting it so badly that they understand it. Yes, I am a bit harsh. I know. But .. gah! Amiga people dosent deserve this treatment. Amiga people have been here waiting since Commodore passed away back in 1994.

Amiga Inc. I am SICKO of waiting! I mean it!

Mike 2008

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