Tuesday, April 29, 2008

PowerDev is next,...

I am writing this because tomorrow I am going with my flight
to Germany. I will go to Bremen with Ryanair, then with tram
to the train station, then with train from Bremen to Osnabruck
and then to Hoestel. I dont know if Ive spelled it right. But anyway,..

PowerDev will be filmed :) You can be sure to be able to see stuff from
PowerDev for sure in next Amitopia TV.

Also other upcoming events on next release of Amitopia TV is Ugress musicvideo
and part 2 of TvPaint Guide + something extras.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

A4000T - Commodore VS Escom

Here you see the differences between Commodore A4000T and Escom version of the same model. Commodore one
seems to me to be slightly better. Both in design and specs. Shame that Commodore got only 200 to 2000 out (the exact
number is unknown as some magazines says 200 while others 2000).

Judge yourself.. Any comments maybe?
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-to give non-Amiga users a chance to see what these nostalgic users do.

-to entertain and be a channel that will improve by how you comment my shows.

-to inform everyone whats happening in Amigaworld.

and more.

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Amitopia TV #04 26th Of April 2008

New release:

- Amiga News
- Review of Sputnik (MorphOS)
- TBL demo
- Memories of..
- Commodore commercials

Watch it now!: Google Video (21min show)