Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Christmas from me!

God Jul og Godt Nytt år! Amiga will survive in 2009 too :) Think of it! The machine started its life in 1985. And now almost 25 since Amiga 1000 came out, the world got AmigaOS 4, MorphOS and AROS to play with.

I really wish everyone a happy time... and I hope that more people will use Amiga as it is the best community. People should join it to see how nice it really is.

I send special thanks to:
+++ all those ive forgot !!! Which I ow a big thanks so that Amitopia TV can continue to give people Amiga content in living pictures.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Special MorphOS 2.2 promo on YouTube

Just in time for Christmas time, MorphOS Team made MorphOS 2.2 public! So, because of this. I didnt reach to put it in latest Amitopia TV release.

I then decided to create something for YouTube that might help MorphOS thru the Christmas hollidays :)

Watch it here:

With these words. I wish everyone a happy christmas time! Either people, black or white. I hope to see more peacefull times ahead. I really hope for that. That mankind can survive and be nicer to each other. Either its muslims, christians, catholics or whatever. World have to see some light in the end of the tunnel sometime. I really hope for a better future for everyone.

Now its decided that I am going to Poland 27th of December, so there will be no more Amitopia TV productions in 2008. But that wont have an effect on 2009!

I wish all Amigans a happy New Year! Make the best come to you and your families, love ones etc.. Think of the future,... You are infact part of it...

Michal Bergseth
editor of Amitopia TV since March 2008...

Friday, December 19, 2008

Amitopia TV December (Week 51) out now

- Amitopia TV News
- mplayer review
- Xmas Xtra
- Introduction of Amiga 1000
- TvPaint Guide

Thanks to those who sent in contributions! Without you, I don't know how Amitopia TV would have been.

I am sorry for not having NetSurf news in this update. It came some minutes to late. Ill have the news, so I will add it into next release.

Have a great Christmas holiday from me. I wish you all the best and I hope to release a show before New Year, but I don't know really now.

Amiga lives on! 1985 - 2008 !

Vimeo: Click here

At Vimeo website! It's free to register!

You can also reach me (Amix) on EFNET #amigano, Freenode #morphos or AmigaWorld.Net #amigaworld for DCC sending.


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Amitopia TV December (Week 49) is out

For those of you who have slept. I have released another Amitopia TV production. This time Amitopia TV News got a slightly better design and I've included 2 Amiga demos as a Xtra Xmas gift to you all who loves great Amiga made music.

From now on I'll try to release Amitopia TV productions every week. The releases will contain the Week number of the year from now on.

You can watch it on Google Video or on Vimeo. Actually on Vimeo you can download the .avi file. Heh... I didnt know... But you know?... You learn as long as you live...

-Download Zone-
Google Video:
Watch it here!
Watch it here!
Get the .avi version here!

17.00: Amitopia TV News
17.05: Xtra
17.10: Xmas Xtra