Thursday, October 30, 2008

How to watch Amitopia TV?

Reminder of how you can watch this show!

Main shows: (20 to 50 min long)
Google Video

Specials: (max 10min)

Whats the difference?
Main shows is like a tv channel with programs, adverts and more! Specials gives you special programs related to one item.

Anyone can promote for free without any cost for their Amiga company, Amiga User Group or Amiga event. They should not be any longer than 40 seconds long due to time. Other than that, make them or send raw materials and Amitopia TV Team edits it for you.

Go on!
mail us today!: amitopia@gmail com

So, Be creative! Support Amiga! Support Amitopia TV!


Amitopia TV campaign

From October 30.10.2008 to November 08.11.2008 you will see the Amitopia TV logo on the left which will be used for the promotion.

Here is the promo text:
"Amitopia TV is a non-commercial service for everyone wanting to get info about whats happening in the world of Amiga. Be a part of it all by sending us materials that Amitopia TV can use.

You can send us adverts for Amiga User Groups, Amiga events or Amiga company for free without any costs! You can contribute with selfmade Amiga videos or materials that we can edit for you. The choice is yours!

So, Be creative! Support Amiga! Support Amitopia TV!


Thanks for reading!

Michal Bergseth,
editor of Amitopia TV"

Next deadline for contributions is 8th of November 2008!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Amitopia TV Special - Amiga Magazines: Datormagazin 1993

Important message to all Amitopia TV viewers!...

This is how distribution of Amitopia TV works:

- Amitopia TV releases
Google Video, Vimeo and as Download version in .avi format
Shows is between 40 and 50 minutes long. Because of that, I wont
cut them into parts because of YouTube's 10 min limit. If people
wants it in parts on YouTube. Send Amitopia TV an e-m@il:

- Amitopia TV specials
Shows is between 4 and 8 minutes long. They have rather one special
thing than many different programs. If you want .avi file of this, send
Amitopia TV an e-m@il.

- Amitopia TV promos
Shows which promotes our full releases.

Also a note to all of you people out there with plenty of web space which wants to share
some .avi files and help supporting this project. Send us an e-m@il for that to.


Support Amitopia TV if you want to

If you feel that Amitopia TV is a bit to bad produced, we would love to give you all better picture quality. Now, some of you viewers suggested to me that I should put a PayPal button as you want better video quality.

If you think that Amitopia TV is something great and you want to support it. I will be really happy and much more motivated for this project.

The money will be used for buying new equipments for Amitopia TV, like a new video camera and rest will be used for a great Amiga event here in Oslo area next year. As I tend to use what I have, I dont think that buying Final Cut Pro will gain anything. So the editing tools I use will be the same.

For each release of Amitopia TV, I've learned something new in Blender. I hope to bring you a better Amitopia TV production for each releases. With donations and support from viewers. Amitopia TV can become a nice channel where all Amiga happenings are shown in living pictures.

So, Amiga people! I hope your not to dissapointed with Amitopia TV. I am really listening to every advice that I get from you by e-mail, on irc and when I meet people talking about this project. Everyone cant be happy with every result, but I hope that most of you viewers will continue to watch the shows. Thats the most important thing to me, Really!

Take Care,