Saturday, May 31, 2008

AmitopiaTV 31st Of May is out + changes


I want to thank everyone which have been contributing, giving me ideas and give me spirit to go on with more shows.

Latest show contains:
- Cannon Fodder music video
- MorphOS 2 on Efika
- Blender tutorial

So, download latest show and support my show!:
Download here

Also a note is that #05 numbers are gone. Instead the shows will just contain date of production. So even if #05 show got #05 in it, just try to ignore it. From next release its gone. I am sorry for mixing this up, but try not to worry. Be happy :)

Remember that Amitopia TV is a non-commercial service. All music is either from remix64 sites or from CD's that I've bought. Amitopia TV provides you with Amiga news, reviews and more.

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