Sunday, February 3, 2008

Amiga 4000T design from Commodore

The Amiga 4000T design is still great even in 2008!

In 1994, Commodore went bankrupt. But before that, they managed to release the most powerful Amiga computer ever made!

Amiga 4000T had this cool tower design. Its still unique in its design. I love it! After 14 years, the A4000T case is still looking amazing. It has this feeling over it. That Amiga should survive! Escom made a version of A4000T, but it was much more ugly. Commodore one is so damn cool!

What if Genesi or Acube could make it and get the Amiga feeling back? That would be so great!

How about Pegasos XL-Tower or Acube Akick4000 :) That would be fun!

Get this case back. Its still nice and modern in 2008. Ohh, yes it is!

Mike 2008

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