Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My Amiga sidekick of life

I've been an Amiga user since 1988. From 1994 I really got hooked and I am still an active Amiga user. Yes, I look at MorphOS as something Amiga related :)

I've met Herman brothers, Thomas Dellert, Petro Tysczhenko (never got how its spelled right), Jim Collas etc.

I've been to Amiga shows in England, Sweden and Norway. Been to dataparties in Norway and been on the net chatting since 1993. Yes, I really love Amigans. They are special. Everyone. But Special in a good way.

I just hope that Amiga Inc. comes back and that Genesi pays MorphOS Team members. We need these oses to fullfill the gap between Windows and Linux. I am sure there is room for them... They just need to see the potential.

At Amiga happenings, the feeling is so much different than on PC or MAC shows. You feel the passion in the air, people talking about 50MHz machines and the future. People who dosent need a PC or a Mac to go on with their lives :) That is something special. Well, for me it is!

People hugs on the stage. They shout out AMIGA when Amiga demos runs on Breakpoint and other scenerelated parties. There is no reiligic about it like Steve Jobs and Macs. Its more fanatism. A positive fanatism. Fanatism that believes and tells the world that AMIGA should not be forgotten. Neither the history or its people.

When you talk to an Amiga person. She or he will know the computing history from a very different perspective. Why? Well, I think its because Amiga users are more open-minded to other operating systems. Amiga people have suffered so much, but have the gutz to go on. Jobs and wifes forcing people to use other operating systems like Windows or MacOSX. Amiga users knows and loves AmigaOS/MorphOS so much that they really love what they use and cant understand why Microsoft and Apple have such popularity when their OS'es arent that special as they want people to think.

Amiga is something special that Commodore made popular. Now its us, the users left. And our task is still to revive the Amiga from the bottom to the top.

Mike 2008

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