Thursday, August 7, 2008

Amitopia TV 1st (4th) of August can be downloaded!

If you are the one asking why I mix between 1st and 4th of August. It has its explenation really. I had all ready really for 1st of August release, but a thunderstorm wiped my ADSL modem out of order on Wednesday. It was one of the greatest thunderstorms Ive ever seen. Lightening down and sideways etc. A really great show performanced by the world itself. Amazing :)

Well, it stroke down on some transformators by the street here where I live in Oslo. None of my computers or my tv, ps3, Amiga 1200 etc got burned down. Lucky me.. phew!.. But the ADSL modem just striked out. So I needed to get a new one. It came with express mail on Friday by the Internet provider itself without any cost for me. So thats service. NextGenTel is great at that really.

So, as everything Ive written for programlisting etc was saying 1st Of August. I kept it, but couldnt release it at the state it was on Friday, so I worked myself thru the weekend and released it on Monday 4th Of August.

Well, the server where .avi files is on, didn't work. So I released it first on Google Video, then on Vimeo. And now the server works again. Please report to me if its out of order again, hehe. Well, now MorphOS/AmigaOS4 users can watch the show again. Though MorphOS users got Tubexx. The .avi version got better picture and sound quality. Well a bit better :=)

So, here it is (or on the right side on this page):
Download it here

Thanks again for helping out Amitopia TV and all of the positive and constructive critics. I hope to make it all better from release to release.


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