Monday, August 4, 2008

New Amitopia TV is out

Yes, I know its been some time since last release. But I have to blame the summer
and its thunderstorms. This release is actually 3 days delayed because of a thunderstorm
stroke down which blew off my ADSL modem.

Contents this time!:

- Amiga News Headlines
- Amiga at the movies
- Frame 18, Atmosphere Amiga Demo
- MorphOS 2 review
- Shuffle review

If you feel that this show is to much MorphOS focused, its because of MorphOS 2 release. We really want to cover whole Amiga community. So if you are a AmigaOS 4 or AROS user? Then please send us video clips, reviews or images-text. We can either edit a video review for you for free or you can do it yourself.

Send it all to:

Amitopia TV 1st Of August release is here:
See it all live here!

Other than this,
Amitopia TV is searching for someone with a server that can take upto 300mb of
ATV episodes each month.

Thanks for supporting Amitopia TV. I realle thank everyone helping out. Thanks again :)


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