Monday, August 11, 2008

In our next show 1st Of September

First I have to say thanks again for every kind words to me. Makes me wanting to continue doing Amitopia TV.

Second. Amitopia TV will never be perfect. I will try to experiment with new idents for each release. But I will try to keep some sort of design that people knows this is Amitopia TV their watching. Begining with that statement, I have now created the official logo for Amitopia TV. It will be used from 1st Of September. The lines is ment to show that Amitopia TV focuses on everything from news to underground Amiga parties. Yes, I want you to participate! Create clips, be creative or just give us ideas on what we should do.

Well, plans for next release:

- Amiga News (Full news bulletin in 4-5 mins)
- Saddam strikes back (not war, not the virus... but in form of Amiga made music)
- NatAmi Update (we hope to give you NatAmi in living pictures...)
- PPC Amiga demo
- Amiga News Headlines
- Events

Please contribute! Send us whatever you can. Were flexible with the deadline, though you should
send your stuff by 25th Of August.


Ohh, and today ;) Its my birthday. I wish world was without religions, that people started to care more about each other, that love got stronger between all kind of cultures, that we all respected each other and that world should go on and communicate better with each other. Sheesh.. that was a long sentence,... SO ... i hop3 that this world have taken a virus scan before I become 30 next year,,,.... wellwell... ohh.. and .. Amiga have taken over the world by next August,... :)

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