Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Vimeo video stream of Amitopia TV

World is great. You have choices. You have choices to buy clothes, burgers and computers. You have the choice to choose which burgermenu you want.

Well,... Amitopia TV can be found in Vimeo from now on.

So now, you have the choice:
Google Video

I am still searching for someone with a server that can handle about 250mb each month. More info will come when Ive found one.

If you want .avi file from me, visit me on My nick there is amix or amixppc. Then I can upload it to you thru DCC. I dont have the best speed up, but but... I really try hard to find a place willing to take Amitopia TV episodes.

Happy watching on Vimeo:
Click here to watch

I've also added a Vimeo video (stream) link box on the right side.

... and btw.. thanks for all comments! This really makes me want to continue with Amitopia TV. Amiga community needed such service and I tend to make it better and better. Please come with comments to: -Then Amitopia TV will be better and better.

Have a great day!


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